KEEP More of Your 2018 Money, plus What We’ve Got for You in 2019

In this short video, I’ll tell you what we have in store for you to close 2018 (including how to KEEP more of your 2018 money) and I have a BIG announcement for you at the end of the video!

 Watch the Video ⬇️ 

In the video above, I talk about three simple and practical ways we can work together without (or before) comprehensive financial planning services: through Focused Project Planning services.

Timestamps for your convenience:

1:06 – “Lighter” ways to work together: Focused Project Plans
1:20 – Student Loan Analysis and Payment Planning
1:39 – Health Insurance Plan Selection & Open Enrollment
1:56 – End of Year Tax Loss Harvesting (<< BIGGEST opportunity at this time of year, especially in our current stock market conditions.  There could be a great opportunity to keep more of your 2018 money by saving on taxes!)

⬆️ If you’re interested in working together through Focused Project Planning, please schedule a call with me!

I also made a special announcement in the video (at 4:36)…

could be one of 10 people
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My program goal is to double your monthly savings amount
without feeling like you’re sacrificing your quality of life.

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