Student Loan Planning

We specialize in student loan planning for working professionals who are struggling to make sense of their student loans.  If you’re looking for guidance on how to reduce your student loan burden, our Student Loan Planning package is a great and affordable option.

What We Do

We’ll have a 30-minute call to discuss where you currently stand with your loans and what you’re trying to accomplish. I’ll also help you pull the raw data we need to properly analyze your student loans. 

I’ll then put together a detailed summary of your student loan situation and provide my recommendations. We will then have another 30-60 minute meeting to discuss your student loan plan, answer any questions you have about your loans, and review your implementation plan.

What Do We Cover?

A Student Loan Planning session can answer any of the following questions:

  • What flexible payment plans or forgiveness programs do I qualify for?
  • Am I on the right repayment plan?
  • With all the chatter about the future of Public Sector Loan Forgiveness, am I on track to qualify for the program?
  • Does it make sense for me to pay more than the minimum toward my loans each month? Or, should I try to minimize my monthly payment?
  • Should I refinance or consolidate my loans?
  • Should my spouse and I file taxes separately and have a lower student loan monthly payment, or is it better to file taxes together and pay more each month in student loans (if we are on an income-driven repayment plan)?
  • … And more!

What’s the Cost?

The cost is typically $497 for an individual borrower or $897 for a household with two student loan borrowers, but can vary slightly based on the complexity of your situation.