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Bill Nelson from Pacesetter Planning

Hi! I’m Bill Nelson.

The most fulfilling part of my work is helping people go from living a very responsible status quo life to living a life full of memories they want to have when they’re old.

I remember what it was like to really tackle the question: how do I leave my unfulfilling job without giving up my life? I remember wondering if there was any other way, and having a glow of hope that there was, and that I could figure it out. 

That was back in 2014, and because I already went through all of it, you get to reap the benefits of everything I figured out (without going through some of the pains I couldn’t avoid). Plus, you’ll also get the benefit of my experiences helping other millennial couples for the last several years. 

I founded Pacesetter Planning as a part of my own path to living a life where I earn my income through fulfilling work that I truly love.

If we work together…

I’m going to do a lot more than create a robust financial plan for you. I’m going to help you frame your perspective about money so we can get clarity on what you both want your money to do for you.

I think my favorite thing about our generation is how smart and hard we’re willing to work to create and live the kind of magnificent lives that our parents and grandparents never even dreamed of (because they really didn’t think it was attainable). I absolutely love working from home, because a) I’m in control of my own schedule, and b) I’m a huge history nerd.

I love studying history because I feel a wondrous curiosity about how things were, and why. I’m one of those financial services AND history nerds that you always hear so much about (just kidding – I’m a unicorn).   

And if you choose to work more closely with me as your financial planner, I get to employ that same historical and forward looking contextual curiosity into understanding how you want your lives together to be, connected to your deepest reasons why.

…you’ll probably feel like I’m your financial planner + counselor in one. 

My current clients continually express their gratitude of the way I connect their dreams, concerns, and vision together with their financial plan. I’m happy to provide financial planning so complete it feels like counseling and coaching in the absolute best way. If we work together, the first thing I will focus on is understanding what you want. You, and your partner, and both of you together. All “three” of you. Then, I’ll help you get your current finances organized. Because no, I don’t expect you already have all of that done, and I’m happy to make the financial organization process easier for you. I’m pretty sure that’s my job here. 😉

Thinking About Working With Me?Choose Your Pace Below:

Ready to RUN! 

If you smiled at Forest Gump, and then read “Ready to RUN!” and got excited, then let’s get running! Schedule a breakthrough session today so we can get started fast. (Trust me, I’ll keep these amazing jokes coming. You’re welcome!)

Here’s What You Can Expect In Our Breakthrough Call:
In your free Breakthrough Call, first, I’ll focus on the experiences you both want to have in life, and why. This is the cornerstone of our work together. This is where I truly expect one or both of you to have a Breakthrough. Then I’ll break down how we could structure your finances to get where you want to go. We’ll conclude with how you can work with me, if you choose to, which will include your services quote. Pretty easy, amiright?!  Chyeah! Schedule your call now and feel relief TODAY that you’re not alone on your path to a more fulfilling life.



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I love that you know yourself!I want to reassure you that I’ll be here whenever you’re ready to consider working with me. Seriously, take whatever time you need. I remember feeling a sense of confidence that I could figure out most of my finances on my own, and a huge sense of pride when I did. Yeah, it came with some “bruises,” but that’s how we learn, right?! Unlike the old school financial advisors, I’ll never knock you for wanting to try on your own.



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