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Pacesetter Planning Financial Planning for Millennial Couples

Hi! I'm Bill.

I understand your needs because I’ve been in the same boat as you. I’m a newlywed, having married my wonderful wife in September 2016. 

We’re living the life-work we want, 
and I want to help you do the same.

You and I both know that what worked financially for our parents and grandparents won’t work for us. 

I am committed to helping people of our generation to create an enjoy a modern version of financial planning. I am committed to helping you spend and invest your money to spend and invest your time with the people you love.


Ready to Make Your Money Work Smarter?

Let’s align your financial architecture with your values.

Feel in control

Be Confident with Every Decision

Imagine feeling excitement instead of doubt or scarcity about your finances.

Free your mind

Having a professional on your side means your is free of tedious things to remember, so you can let it off of your mind.

Live in the present moment

Have fun guilt free because your finances are set to work hard when you're playing hard.

services from Bill

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

Year-round service to plan and take care of all of your finances, including getting organized and installing your financial architecture. This is the best service you can get for yourself.

Focused Project Plans

Short(er)-term planning services focused on achieving ONE goal. This is the best way to try a "test project" together to get started.

Free Breakthrough Call

Jumpstart yourself into action! In your free session with me, we'll pinpoint what matters to you most and I'll give you actionable suggestions to get you started immediately.

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