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Financial Planning for Millennials on a Fee-Only Basis

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You ARE Ready!

You’re ready to take the next big steps in your family’s finances. 
Pacesetter Planning specializes in financial planning for millennials.

It’s just the two of you right now, but you know that children are in your future. You want to raise your kids in a stable place, so you’re considering home ownership to give your family the secure home they deserve.

But before all of that…

There’s your student debt.
The fact that one, or maybe both of you, are
really unhappy at the job in the career you went into debt for.

And you’ve been wondering what is the better thing to do with your savings instead of just leave it in the bank.
You have debt, yes, but it’s from investing in yourself. You’re responsible.
I know (if you’re still with me) you have not made a bunch of bad decisions. I know that neither you or your partner is anything like the “stereotypical millennial.” 

If I’m right about you, you’re responsible and you tend to work a LOT harder than you play. If you play at all.

And if I’m right about you, congratulations on where you’ve gotten to in your career. Congrats on putting your advanced degrees to good use!

And…  I’m truly sorry that your work
isn’t as fulfilling as you hoped it would be.

Not sure if still working because I like my job or I just don't have a choice because I don't have any money if I quit

You don’t want…

Someone trying to give you a financial knowledge dependency problem so you’re “forced” to come back to them for advice.

You don’t want to justify your dreams to someone else.
To feel judged for what you think is important for your family.

You don’t have any time to waste with someone who is more focused on your savings than your earnings, even though you’re approaching your peak earning years.

And you definitely don’t want to talk to someone who is waiting for you to get rich before they help you.

I’m Bill Nelson, and I can help you.

I can help you frame your perspectives about money, so we can get clarity on what you want your money to do for you.

I can help you structure and plan your finances so you can quit your job without losing your quality of life.

The most meaningful part of our sessions together will be helping you be the person you want to be by aligning your money with your true values and priorities.

I’m not going to send you endless surveys and questionnaires (yawn).

I meet with my clients via video chat, so it’s cool if you’re here in Boston, in California, or Florida, or anywhere in between.

Pacesetter Planning is different.

I know what your needs are because I’m in the same boat that you are. 
I’m a newlywed, having married my wonderful wife in September 2016.

We’re living the life-work we want, and I want to help you do the same.

I get you.
I get your big dreams.
And I get your big challenges.


Your call is completely confidential and complimentary, with no obligations.

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Not only do I understand, but I appreciate your self awareness.
Thank you!

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