Comprehensive Financial Plan

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning program is similar to working with a personal trainer at the gym to develop a schedule and train for a marathon.  We work together to produce a holistic and straightforward Pacesetter Plan, and then team with you - one part coach, one part accountability partner – over a series of financial “workout” sessions to help you reach your financial goals.


  • What's Included in the initial plan?
    An initial 90 minute video call, where we discuss and prioritize your immediate and long term financial goals.  We will evaluate your current financial situation, your financial concerns, and, most importantly, your future financial aspirations.  I will ask a lot of questions to ensure I have the information needed to develop your complete financial plan.


  • A follow up 60-90 minute call to walk through your  Pacesetter Plan.  Your Plan will include clear action items and time-based goals for each growth area we identify for you. Depending on your goals, your plan will include some or all of the following:
    • Financial Goal Prioritization
    • Recommendations around how to combine finances with your partner
    • Income Benchmarking and Gap Analysis
    • Net Worth Statement
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Risk Analysis
    • Proposed 401(k) Asset Allocation
    • Employee Benefits Analysis
    • Retirement Planning Analysis and Recommendations
    • Credit Score Benchmarking
    • Estate Planning
    • Tax Planning
    • Insurance Analysis
    • Student Loan Analysis
    • Debt Repayment Plan
    • Savings Goals (New House, New Car, Travel, etc.)
    • Investment Analysis
    • Emergency Fund Analysis


  • How do we work together after my Pacesetter Plan is delivered?
    • Scheduled sessions (typically quarterly, but this can vary depending on your goals) regarding your plan action items
    • Unlimited phone and email support- I'm only an email or phone call away!
    • Annual update to your plan based on progress made and changing circumstances
    • Accountability- I'll check in with you regularly to make sure that you are on pace to meet your goals
    • Connection to excellent professionals in related fields (tax accountants, attorneys) as needed
    • Review and rebalance your 401(k) investments twice a year.
    • Annual help with employee benefits optimization during your company's open enrollment period


  • What is the cost?
    • Cost for the initial plan and annual service/accountability is calculated based on the complexity of your needs. Plan development typically ranges from $750-$1,500, with ongoing support ranging from $150-$200/month.

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